Tanunda Cricket Club Season Stats Books

Over the years, the Tanunda Cricket Club releases at the end of the season the stats books showing the stats for each grade and each player. You can find below these season stats books! Enjoy!

2022/2023 Season
2021/2022 Season
2020/2021 Season
2019/2020 Season
2017/2018 Season
2016/2017 Season
2015/2016 Season
2014/2015 Season
2013/2014 Season
2012/2013 Season
2011/2012 Season
2010/2011 Season
2009/2010 Season
2008/2009 Season
2007/2008 Season

With the migration of administration platforms from MyCricket on to PlayHQ as of the 2022/2023 season, all player statistics prior to that season can be found on the MyCricket web site for Tanunda Cricket Club.
All player statistics going forward will be on PlayHQ.