Annual General Meeting

The Tanunda Cricket Club will be holding it’s annual general meeting on Sunday 31st of July from 11am. A free BBQ will be on offer for those in attendance.

Please note that we plan on voting on changes to the constitution at this meeting. Only people who are in attendance will have the right to vote.
These changes are mainly to update the constitution to bring it in to line with more modern times. The current constitution is available on the web site under the policies menu. The proposed constitution can be found here. The current constitution can be found on the policies page.

The changes that we are proposing are the following:

  • changes to communication and payment methods to bring us inline with more modern methods now available
  • addition of life membership and player life membership clauses
  • the addition of an executive of the committee
  • clarification of sub committees clauses
  • changes to quorum
  • changed the beneficiary if the club be dissolved to be any club in the Barossa rather than just Tanunda.

Should you wish to contact us about these changes, then please e-mail us on to discuss further.

There will also be a club cleanup on the same day to get us ready for the start of the 2016/2017 season when it comes along. This will involve a tidy up of the sheds to sort out the equipment and sheds after the end of the last season. This cleanup kicks off from 9am.