Tanunda Cricket Club Player Life Members

The committee has been tirelessly working to compile the past history of the club with an endeavour to identify playing performances previously not recognised by The Tanunda Cricket Club – Player Life Membership. After digging through dusty old scorebooks, end of season stats books, Association records and Library history, we have developed a list of players that have exceeded the milestone deemed appropriate by the committee for Player Life Membership – having played 150 senior games. Some interesting facts that helped us devise the Milestone of 150 games were:

  • Since 1982 we have had 333 Players of which 253 have played less than 50 games
  • The average player plays 36 games
  • An average season has 13 games

Whilst there are some budding mathematicians out there who may know exactly how many runs they scored, or wickets taken, or even games played, one area that we as a Club in the past have not been fantastic at, is record keeping. And if any of you happen to have some dusty old scorebooks safely tucked away in your shed, we would appreciate the chance to take a copy so that this past history is not lost in the future, and can be kept within the club for the benefit of all. The advantage of the Technological Revolution is that from this current season, the Association requires that all scorecards are entered onto a website where they are available for future history.

Another twist in calculating games played was that the Association changed the format of games between the Senior Grades in Season 2000/01 when the A4 Competition became a One Day Competition, with the A1’s playing one game over two weekends. For example, in Season 2000/01, the A1’s played 12 games, and the A4’s played 19. To compensate for the amount of 2 day games in the higher grades, we have worked out the number of games proportionally at the A1 amount. Therefore an A4 player that played all 19 games will have 12 games recorded for that season. This proportional adjustment has occurred every year that there is a difference between grades.

So, with all that out of the way, the Tanunda Cricket Club would like to thank the following players for their patronage over the years and congratulate them on their efforts.

Player Life Members

Darren Graetz 349 2001/02
Jon Farley 332 1997/98
Kevin Bartsch 304 Pre 1983
Toby Mifflin 269 2011/12
Michael Schmidt 260 1992/93
Brenton Miegel 244 1989/90
Steve Lindner 232 1998/99
Kym Farley 225 2012/13
Robert Homburg 220 Pre 1983
Phil Graetz 216 2015/16
Stuart Swan 212 2015/16
Peter Mernagh 210 2016/17
Ron Bailey 204 1995/96
Kym Vanstone 193 2007/08
Dylan Abinett 187 2019/20
Peter Giersch 186 1991/92
Shane Kinlock 181 2005/06
Robert Tscharke 180 Pre 1983
Pete Goers 180 1988/89
Chris Goers 176 1989/90
Ray Giersch 175 Pre 1983
Barry Scheer 173 1992/93
Norm Gurr 170 Pre 1983
Matt Fechner 163 2019/20
Mitchell Boschen 162 2020/21
Eric Pfeiffer 160 Pre 1983
Wayne Akkerman 157 2017/18
Mark Hartigan 155 2014/15
Phil Herrmann 152 1995/96
Luke Samain 151 2016/17